Population growth sure to spur on buyers

The Gold Coast Local Government Population Projections forecast that in the 10 years to 2021, the Gold Coast LGA is predicted to have population growth of about 130,000 persons, making it the largest growth of any LGA in the State.

Another positive was the expectation of over all growth for persons aged 0 to 35 and 65-plus years, ranking second only to Ipswich and Brisbane respectively. 

The combination of improving unemployment rates and the forecasted positive population growth places the Gold Coast in an enviable position and it's clear that property buyers are siting up and taking notice of the improving conditions.

So it is highly likely the demand for property will pick up on the back of theses improving economic conditions.

The control able nature of bricks and mortar is, now more than ever, a huge attraction to investors, particularly those with self-managed super funds.

There are clear signs that the bottom of the market has been reached with previous bargain opportunities just not there anymore.

Those who are moving into the market now and seizing opportunities with a long-term strategy are likely to see the benefit in three, four of five years' time.


Source: http://www.goldcoast.com.au/articule/2013/05/04/451291_gold-coast-real-estate.html