Q: Can I borrow money from an Australian bank to purchase an investment property?

A: Finance is readily available to you by Australian banks and lending institutions at the same rate and on the same terms as Australian investors.

Q: How do I arrange Finance?

A: We utilise specialist finance groups who have many loan products to offer through banks and other lending institutions. Access to the right loans is vital.

Their service is excellent and they will save you many hours of going around all the banks including your own and taking out the wrong loan offered or sold to you.

Q: How much deposit do I need?

A: Generally 30%, but once you own property in Australia, your equity in your properties can be utilised to buy without a deposit plus all purchasing fees.

Q: When should I arrange Finance?

A: Finance should be the first thing arranged before anything else. Then the remaining of the transaction runs smoothly. There are very special loans for mortgage elimination and true revolving lines of credit. These need to be administered and are very effective if done correctly.